Moz-Phab 1.5.0 Released

Moz-Phab 1.5.0 has been released. Highlights include:

  • “Depends On” is no longer added to commit messages.
  • --check-in-needed flag is removed.
  • The update checker logic has been fixed.

Bugs resolved in Moz-Phab 1.5.0:

  • bug 1529766 stop adding “Depends on” messages to Phabricator revision summaries
  • bug 1700164 Removed the “check-in-needed” option
  • bug 1706667 moz-phab stops me from updating the patch if the reviewer set their state to away
  • bug 1826125 Add a mozphab setting to change the default bookmark/branch name format for patch
  • bug 1833395 Automatic self-update appears to be broken as of 1.3.0rc0
  • bug 1833884 Add Python version and OS info to the --version command
  • bug 1864678 disable Windows CI for moz-phab
  • bug 1864680 drop support for Python 3.7 in moz-phab
  • bug 1865709 remove importlib-metadata from moz-phab requirements - bug 1868464 moz-phab uplift doesn’t warn nor error if the expected head doesn’t exist - bug 1870284 Add type hints to moz-phab
  • bug 1870291 use ruff instead of flake8 in moz-phab
  • bug 1873754 moz-phab uplift uses an incorrect identifier for base commit during rebase

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