Mozilla IoT Cloud

(Peter-Mobilestack) #1


Is there any architecture document available about Mozilla IoT Cloud?

Is it Open Source?


(Martin Giger) #2

See also Is Things Cloud open source?

(Peter-Mobilestack) #3

I know that Mozilla IoT GW is using “more” than registration server.

For example - to get update of an adaptor, there is AWS hosted solution.

There is DNSSEC usage at GW to connect to Cloud-DNS (or mDNS). Does all DNS queries goes across TLS?

More details of IoT GW architecture & IoT Cloud is needed for community to participate more effectively.

(Martin Giger) #4

The actual add-on ZIPs are hosted statically. The add-ons list is proxied through this:

Pretty sure it currently uses standard system DNS (as in, whatever node uses, for example, or what the individual adapters use). Or is “cloud-dns” the dynamic DNS service?

As a member of the community I do not see any issues that hinder my participation, so I’d happily share details that you can’t find your answer to.