Mozilla Rebranding Project - Thoughts & Opinions

(Elio Qoshi) #1

Hey guys, as you could know, we have initiated a rebranding process at Mozilla. I can see that this might have steered some conversations in the last days. I personally don’t think that all of these conversations were constructive and additionally I believe that as a contributor representing Open Design at Mozilla I owe you some explanations.

I hope we can have a good conversation on this and ping-pong thoughts, even if we disagree eventually.

(Akshay) #2

I’m not a designer. So I link to this post: First Impressions of The Next Mozilla Logo

(Elio Qoshi) #3

I really enjoyed her article until the very end where she said “don’t change your logo” which kind of broke it for me. She didn’t consider the fact that our current logo uses a proprietary font as well.