Mozilla themes for community CMS


I was talking with Mozilla Hispano webdev team and one of the main work loads they have is to update/create/improve the community site themes, this includes:

  • Wordpress
  • Discourse
  • Mediawiki
  • Planet cms

I feel we should be able to coordinate between communities to join efforts to a least maintain themes for the most common cms in a way local communities don’t have to expend time on them.

Who’s already working on community themes? Can we set up a group/github to work together?


I have started month ago a simple WordPress ( based on Makerstrap (
After that I have made a BootStrap theme based on Mozilla Indonesia site and design:
And finally a Wordpress theme that use that design:

The problem is that I am not a designer for that reason I have asked on the new Community Design repo an help for that:

So the situation actually is that MozStrap is incomplete but the WordPress template code is finished (is based on a boilerplate template for WP based on bootstrap).

If the BootStrap design is finished will be easy create a theme for all the platforms because is very standard

I guess it would be possible to create the WP theme in a way communities can change colours/headers, right?

In WordPress there is the customizer that enable to change settings of the template.
When the bootstrap theme is finished we can evaluate the part that the user can change from the settings.

Hi @Mte90,

I’m from the Mozilla Hispano WebDev team. I worked with Wordpress a lot some years ago so I can take care of the Config. panel. It’s not big deal.

Do you need help with the current theme you are working on?

Actually I don’t need help for the settings panel, with the customizer is very easy create a panel (I am a WordPress Core Contributor).
Actually I need an help from the Community Design theme to finish the Bootstrap theme (, the WordPress theme is complete (there are many boilerplate for bootstrap) and after that work on the settings.

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My plate is full right now, but feel free to direct this to other Community Designers