Mozilla Things as Category

(Rei Vilo) #1

I searched for Mozilla Thingsas a category but found nothing. The correct category is Mozilla IoT.

Wouldn’t be nice to provide Mozilla Things as a synonym of Mozilla Things?

(Ben Francis) #2

It would, except the project isn’t called Mozilla Things, it’s called Project Things by Mozilla. Don’t ask me why, it’s a branding thing.

(Ben Francis) #3

(The team is called the Mozilla IoT team, which is where the name comes from)

(Rei Vilo) #4

So let’s consider Project Things as a synonym of Mozilla Things!

I am a bit lost with all those competing names for the same Project Things by Mozilla

(Ben Francis) #5

There are no competing names, Project Things is a project by the Mozilla IoT team. The Things Gateway and Things Framework are components of Project Things.

But I agree it’s confusing. It must be, because people make up their own names like “Mozilla Things” all the time! :slight_smile:

As Project Things matures from an experiment to more of a product we are working on new (less confusing) branding, but unfortunately it takes time to get that kind of thing approved.