Mozlando-nians - Introduce yourself!

Hey there!

Lets use this thread to introduce not only ourselves, but also functional areas we’re coming to Orlando to work with!

  1. Your name
  2. The name of the functional area you’re working with in Orlando.
  3. What your core contribution to that functional area is.
  4. What you are most excited about for Mozlando!

Yes, the Participation Team counts as a functional area :slight_smile:


1. Emma Irwin
2. Participation Team
3. Leadership & Learning
4. Helping design stronger participation for Firefox OS (Ok, I may also be looking forward to palm trees)


1, István Szmozsánszky "Flaki"
2, Developer Relations
3, Service Workers, IoT & the Tech Speakers program
4, Planning more developer events for 2016 in Hungary and accross Europe. Meeting people working on and learning about some huge upcoming projects such as Servo, the New GAIA Architecture & service workers in Firefox OS and IoT/Web of Things.


Kumar Rishav [ rishav_ ]
Firefox OS
Contribution to SMS app
Discussion on mozMobileMessage API v2.0, Service worker, NGA Architecture and further plan in SMS and addons, Web Componenets, Firefox OS for Medical Platform (with Kevin Hu)


Luna Jernberg
L10N / Reps
Swedish Translations of Mozilla things and Mozilla Rep in Sweden
Keynotes, meetings and the fun

  1. Berni Melero, from Spain

  2. Community Engagement & Participation Team

  3. I basically have ideas, share them, work on them and do it real.

  4. Help in creating a continuous Engagement participation strategy for Spanish-speaking countries. Learn lots from you all. Have time with a lot of friends who I don’t see since a lot of time. Meet a lot of new people.

  1. Artem Polivanchuk
  2. L10N
  3. Ukrainian localization
  4. The opportunity to meet l10n team face to face and spend time in great place, learning new things and working togather for making Mozilla products better and accessible to more peopple around the world :slight_smile:

1, Y Vishnu Teja
2. Mozilla Firefox OS.
3. Contributions to SMS Application
4. Meet my mentors. Learn new things. Plans on new features in SMS !

  1. Mariot Tsitoara
  2. Firefox OS Product Marketing
  3. I coordinate local Mozillians for the promotion of Firefox OS in Madagascar
  4. Learning new stuff, meeting interesting people. Plan our marketing strategies for 2016 :smile:
  1. Viswaprasath

  2. AMMO Team

  3. Firefox OS App reviewer

  4. Discussion about bringing Firefox OS apps from Startups to Firefox Marketplace, meeting awesome App reviewers and FSA team members.

  1. Giorgio Maone
  2. Platform Engineering
  3. Helping Firefox add-ons transition to e10s
  4. Meeting face to face the awesome people in the e10s and add-ons teams, which I’ve been working with during the last 6 months, to prepare together a great 2016 for Firefox add-ons
  1. Gabriela Montagu (gaby2300)
  2. Firefox OS QA
  3. Testing my Flame device and filing bugs as soon as I find them. Contacting Marcia and Naoki for help and suggestions.
  4. Learn all I can about FFOS, meet other FFOS QA members, meet the owners of some ot it’s features and talk to them to know hw I can help them as best as I can.
  1. Biraj Karmakar
  2. FSA Team
  3. Recognition lead
  4. We are all excited about FSA portal, so we all members design it collaboratively. Also we discuss how we can design this program more better.
  1. Alex Wafula
  2. Participation Team
  3. Community Building
  4. Knowledge transfer and personal growth of Mozillians rounding up to meaningful, quality impact for Mozilla

Majken “Kensie” Connor
Participation Infrastructure
Project manager for Community Ops
Getting things done!


1.Santosh Viswanatham
2.FSA Team
3.Technical Lead
4.Excited about working with Participation Team and Dev-rel team to create new Technical Contribution pathways for Firefox Student Ambassadors.

  1. Rubén Martín.
  2. Participation Team.
  3. Reps & Regional.
  4. Align volunteers and their communities with team strategy and continue working together.
  1. Michael Kohler
  2. Participation Team
  3. Mozilla Reps Council & Community Leader
  4. Meet mind-like people and discuss the next level of Participation with them!
  1. Shaohua Wen [Holy]
  2. Participation Team
  3. L10n/Reps/Community in China Mainland
  4. Meet my mentor.Learn how to create continuous engagement participation for China Mainland.
  1. George Roter

  2. Participation Team – but I’m sure to end up in many places!

  3. Hmmm…on a great day my core contribution is high-fiving people for being awesome. On a good day, it’s helping provide a strategic frame so that staff and volunteer Mozillians can have maximum impact. On a mediocre day, it’s realizing that we have a long journey ahead before we are an amazingly participatory organization. There are no bad days at Mozilla :smile:

  4. I’m super-stoked to work alongside some amazing people to get into the detailed design of initiatives for 2016 (Firefox OS, on campus, with developers, participation systems/tools, etc) that will unleash a wave of awesomeness and impact toward the Mozilla mission around the world.

  1. Julien Pagès
  2. Ateam (Automation & tools engineering)
  3. code contributions on some ateam’s projects, like mozregression and Talos. Also mentoring whenever I can.
  4. Meeting other mozillians, and get an overview of the 2006 goals for the ateam and mozilla!