Mozlando-nians - Introduce yourself!

  1. Irvin Chen
  2. Participation Team
  3. Reps Mentor / Community building in Taiwan / Chinese region
  4. Meet with others, get some update, working on planning for next year
  1. Nino Vranešič
  2. AMMO Team
  3. Firefox Marketplace App Review
  4. Discussion about the future of Firefox Marketplace (Apps, Add-ons) and meeting awesome people.
  1. Ankit Gadgil
  2. Participation and Advocacy
  3. Mozilla Reps Council & Community Leader Mozilla India. Privacy Agent and Taskforce mentor.
  4. Work with the Participation team to design and develop the plan and scope for initiatives for next year. Discuss how best we can support Reps and Mozillians to achieve impact through these initiatives.
  1. Dian INA Mahendra
  2. Community Engagement Team
  3. Reps in Indonesia, Mozilla Club Regional Coordinator
  4. Help building a stronger community in Indonesia (and the cooler climate)
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  1. Brian King

  2. Participation Team

  3. I work on Partnership, i.e. helping teams structure and plan for participation. Current focus is Firefox OS, with dabbling in some other things like community building in Berlin and Firefox for Android in India.

  4. I’m excited about solidifying plans for 2016.

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  1. Elio Qoshi
  2. Participation Team
  3. Open Source Design
  4. Explore concrete contribution paths for design contributors to get involved in Mozilla projects in a more structured way.
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  1. Ram Dayal Vaishnav
  2. Marketplace Team
  3. Community building, conducting events, mentoring newbies & fixing bugs.
  4. Excited to know more about add-ons & discussion on planning to approach and on-board new contributors.
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  1. Sandraghassen S Pillai [aka Ganesh]
  2. Firefox OS Product Marketing
  3. Mozilla Mauritius community lead, FirefoxOS African Community growth
  4. 2016! the way forward, knowledge and experience sharing; and meet people/fellow mozillians
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  1. Michael Buluma
  2. SUMO
  3. Localization lead
  4. I’m more interested in Growing participation and leadership in 2016 and beyond.
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  1. Greg McVerry (remote for Mozlando)
  2. MLN and Participation
  3. Trolling git
  4. Developing the plan for participation across functional areas
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  1. tad!
  2. Participation :slight_smile:
  3. Right now, I’m driving the community servicedesk, and exploring a decision on what my next priority is (probably youth participation)
  4. Meeting lots of more awesome people! Whistler was the start of a lot of awesome new things because of the opportunity to just bump into people and make something happen. Hoping MozLando will be the same. And, of course, I’m excited about spending a week with my favourite organisation at disney world
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  1. Trishul Goel [:trishul]
  2. Marketplace Team
  3. Squashing bugs, community building, code mentor for marketplace.
  4. Super excited to meet the marketplace team (specially Amy), and also to know more about addon development.

Hi All,

  1. Francisco Picolini
  2. Participation Team
  3. Events and logistics
  4. Learning how other communities works. Start to develop a strategy around events. Help Reps to be more Awesome. Meet new people… It’s more than one thing, I know! :wink:
  1. Rodrigo Padula
  2. Mozilla Foundation - Mozilla Learning Network - Mozilla Science Lab
  3. Localization - Projects Coordination - Community Engagement - Teaching/Learning initiatives
  4. Meet Mozillians from many parts of the world, share and learn new things, help Mozilla to create and define plans for the Brazilian community in 2016.
  1. Jobava
  2. Participation + L10n volunteer
  3. L10n coordination, tools and bugzilla spam
  4. Learning about processes to increase my involvement and skill and meeting those great and patient people who guided me online
  1. Guillermo Movia
  2. Participation.
  3. Reps/Regional communities.
  4. Working on plans for next year with our communities
  1. Michal Stanke
  2. Localization
  3. Czech l10n lead
  4. Meet other Mozillians, get contacts to be able to more effectively gain and forward information to local community and other localizers. And be helpful with the community grow, of course. :smile:

Umesh Agarwal
Localization and Participation
Mentoring, Marketing and locale leader
Make the 2016 strategy to promote localized Firefox and community building.

  1. Paul
  2. SUMO (MOzilla SUpport, we provide user support through a Support Forum, our Army of Awesome on Twitter as well as through writing and l10n for support articles in our Knowledge Base).
  3. I am a Support Forum Contributor, helping answering user support queries on the Support Forum. I also help people on the #firefox IRC channel. I thought I knew Firefox before I started, turns out I was very wrong. I have learned lots and still have lots to learn.
  4. I hope to come away from the week a) knowing what I could do better, b) fix (or at least, “road map” a fix) for a user issue I have identified and c) provide input into the future of SUMO. I hope to meet people that I have only talked to on IRC from various teams and participate in sessions I am invited to.
  1. Manish
  2. Research (Servo)
  3. Servo DOM and other components, as well as general mentoring
  4. Meeting everyone, discussing Servo’s plans for 2016, learning