Mozlando-nians - Introduce yourself!

  1. Alba González Fuentes (Antiparticule)
  2. Community Engagement
  3. I mainly work on the localization of different engagement projects such as newsletters and social media and I work as a global content & localization wrangler in the Firefox Friends project.
  4. Learning more about ways to develop better Engagement strategies & helping creating new content (specially helping on giving a better focus on Spanish-speaking countries). Meeting new people. Hanging around with some friends that I can’t see that often.
    And… skating around :stuck_out_tongue: :smile:
  1. Vanja Tumbas
  2. L10N
  3. Serbian l10n of Mozilla products and web content
  4. Meeting awesome mozillians, sharing experiences and having fun :wink:

Hi, I’m Arenlor (Jerod Lycett). I have been helping out in IRC and here discourse and on AMO with addon devs. Especially with e10s stuff. I’ve had a busy few weeks and haven’t been able to, and I only just started to have time again, but I’ll be busy next week with, your guess :P. I hope to be able to meet people and try to get better communication between addon devs and Mozilla to reduce some of the FUD that’s been going around with a lot of the recent (and future) changes.