My ap went live and then POOF its gone!

(Charlie) #1

So I got an emails saying "approved and is now available for download in our gallery at
now when I go there it says it was remved by an admin??
Also my whole profile/picture etc are totally blank and I keep trying to re fill out the info here:

and every time I go to save it, it says
Oops! Not allowed.

You tried to do something that you weren’t allowed to.

Try going back to the previous page, refreshing and then trying again.

Can someone help me with this, any idea whats going on? My ap works flawless and perfect on other browsers too, not sure whats going on.
Thanks for all the help I can get!

(Charlie) #2

I just saw in one of the emails that is says:
"other reviewers may look into it in the future and determine that it requires changes or should be removed from the gallery. If that occurs, you will receive a separate notification with details and next steps."
I never received a notification or an email stating why my whole profile and my ap disappeared either!

(Jorge) #3

Both the add-on and your user profile looked very clearly like spam, which is why they were removed. It’s also the reason you weren’t notified. If you want to resubmit, please do so, but try to me more careful about the way you’re describing your add-on so it doesn’t raise those flags.

(Charlie) #4

Seriously? …
Ok I will try and resubmit, but since I can’t even access or update my profile what do you want me to do as I can’t resubmit either?
Create another login with a different email adress?

Thanks for the reply!

(Jorge) #5

The account was deleted on the AMO side, but the Firefox Account should still exist. You should be able to log in again using the same account and that should create an AMO account again.