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Hello. I just recently submitted six banners that were all different from each other. I got an email saying that they were not accepted because they were “all the same” and therefore, I was marked as a spammer. If my banners look similar to other banners, may you please share them with me? I sent them all from my school email, so I am not, in fact, a spammer. The banners were differing greatly, and they all fit the size requirement. I made these for a final exam and I would greatly appreciate if these banners were looked at again so that one of them might be accepted. Thank you.

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please, submit again for approval :slight_smile:

(Times Ashwani) #3

Hello There,

I am facing the same problem. I uploaded 4 themes for approval, got a message saying, these themes are rejected due to spam content. Even I didnot submit any conthet except theme images.

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Hi Ashwani,
in these days we are assaulted by shameless spammers who submit seemingly regular themes, but subsequently they edit title and description to insert commercial links …
I’m sorry that you, that evidendantly are not a spammer otherwise you would not have made this post, were the victim of an attempt to stem this wave of spam, so … please, submit again for approval, always if your themes have the required requirements :slight_smile:

(Times Ashwani) #5

Thanks Candelora for this wonderful tip. But, still, I got 6 rejections and lost of an approved theme also.

(❤️) #6

Please let us know your account name or the title of one of your themes…your themes may have been rejected for problems other than spam…

(Times Ashwani) #7


Account diksha sharam