Need help in merging accounts

(Pandu E POLUAN) #1

(First of all, sorry if this is not the right forum; I’ve searched high and low and couldn’t find any suitable forum)

So I’ve been logged in Firefox since, like, forever using my email address.

Then I visited the AMO site. It said I wasn’t logged in. So I clicked on “Log in”, and it automatically ‘pulled’ my account details from my browser (including, username and email address). But after I clicked on “Sign in”, I became “Anonymous user 8da51d”, and I cannot merge my data with my username of “pepoluan”.

Is AMO’s user database separate from the user database? Is there a way in merging the users between the two?

Thank you for any assistance in this matter.

(Jorge) #2

The website changed its authentication system to Firefox Accounts recently. If you have an old account on AMO, then you need to create a new Firefox Account using the same email address you used for the old account, and that should give you access again. We can’t merge accounts, however.

(Pandu E POLUAN) #3

Hello @jorgev !!

Sorry I just realized I once asked this and forgot completely about this as I move to a new job.

Anyways, the old account was probably created using an old, defunct domain that I once owned; the email address used would be "" (I don’t have any compunctions posting this email publicly because it’s a defunct domain anyways).

If you could kindly delete that, or at least change the email address to match my current email address? So I can regain use of the “pepoluan” name.

(Jorge) #4

Please send an email to amo-admins AT mozilla DOT org with the details.