New addon uploaded but not available

I have created an addon and I have uploaded it. When I want to install it in my mobile, I cannot find the addon. It is only available if I am logged.

I uploaded the addon and I see that it is not available. I have not removed it and there is not another author. I tried uploading another addon and it happens the same, it is not available.

This is the URL

How can I do to make the extension avalaible for everybody?

Did you upload it as listed? If not, you’d have to upload a new version (so a different version number) and select listed this time in the first version upload step.

To add to Martin’s response, there’s more documentation about it here:

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Yes Martin, I uploaded a new version with a different version number. I have no errors when I upload the addon.
Jorge, I had seen that documentation but I cannot solve the problem anyway.

I don’t think you’re reading it closely, since it clearly states that you need to change the distribution method when you upload new versions. Otherwise they will continue to be treated as self-hosted and they won’t show up on AMO.