New Addons / Recently Updated Addons

(Mark Kehn) #1

Hello again. I was wondering if there are any plans on bringing back the filters or tags to find newly added addons or recently updated addons, most especially for extensions?

I am not aware of a way to figure out which extensions are new or have been recently updated. On the old site those two categories (new/recently updated) were actually how I found out about a lot of the extensions available. It only makes sense to pay attention to those because it is a good indicator as to which authors and addons are currently active and being maintained.

I myself have a collection made of addons I would be interested in if only they were updated for the various bugs people have reported in their reviews. Knowing if they were updated and being worked on would let me know more easily if I should finally try them out, and if well-liked donate to the author.

The new site as it is designed now is not user-friendly in this regard; for I have no desire to scroll through 50+ pages of extensions to see what is new or updated. A quick and easy filter to find them would be so much better.

Thank you for any consideration.

(Martin Giger) #2

(Mark Kehn) #3

Hi freaktechnik, I may have seen that before and forgot so thanks for that but it still doesn’t filter for newly added unless “recently updated” encompasses both of them. Do you know if it includes both new and updated or just updated only?

(Martin Giger) #4

As far as I know this includes both, it just sorts by the release date of the current version.