Where can one find a list of the most recently added addons?

(Chuck Baker) #1

When going to the AMO homepage, I see sections showing ‘Featured extensions’, ‘Popular extensions’, ‘Top-rated themes’, etc. Where can I find a list of the most recently added extensions?

New extensions should have at least the same amount of exposure as the other categories, perhaps even more. How would a user even know these newest addons exist?

I would propose that AMO provide a real-time list of, say, the last 100 or so extensions to be approved. Any extension on the list should remain there for a week to ten days to give time for users to view it. The list should also be available as a RSS feed.

(Jorge) #2

That would open a door for easy exposure to malicious add-ons or spam. New add-ons are good for users who are more willing to try new stuff and can find their way around the site.

The Recently Updated search filter is the closest thing available on the site. A submission recency filter is available in the API, and exemplified in this extension.

(Chuck Baker) #3

Aren’t all extensions eventually manually reviewed? If so, that should eliminate malicious and/or spammy ones. The list could then only display those that are manually reviewed.

Does the ‘Recently Updated search filter’ include first time submitted addons, or only those where a new version was uploaded? I submitted a new extension yesterday but don’t see it on the list (though admittingly, I did not go through all the 470,668 items on that list).

(Sfhowes) #4

There is an rss feed for the recently updated add-ons:


(Chuck Baker) #5

Thanks. Now I’ve got to figure out how to get Feedly to recognize it.

(Martin Giger) #6

You can just enter that URL into the feedly searchbox and the feed will show up as result.

(Chuck Baker) #7

Thanks, it’s working with Feedly. But I’ve noticed that only addons that have been recently updated (a new version uploaded to AMO) appear on the list.

Is there a way to see newly submitted (first-time) extensions? If not, I don’t see any way brand-new addons get any exposure to users. If they already knew the extension existed, I suppose they could search for it. But if they did not know, it would languish in the bowels of AMO never to be seen unless by accident.

(jscher2000) #8

The API page listed numerous sort parameters. Sounds like you want this one:


or in JSON (allows adding &page=2, etc., to get more results)