New and useless "last versions" service

(Valfonsin) #1

In my company they use Firefox version 47. I am an employee and I can not update the network. Until today it was no problem. Every time I needed an addon for example…

I went to the section “Version history” and took the version that worked in my browser.

But today (November, 28) I see that you have cut the section, leaving only the last sub-versions of the current version. That “service” is worth nothing. If a browser does not accept the current version, it does not accept the previous sub-versions of that version either. What is really needed are the authentic “previous versions”, or at least the best sub-version of each of the previous versions.

I hope that something can be done to leave the service as it was.

(Jorge) #2

We recently disabled all legacy versions on the site, and they’re not coming back. They haven’t been supported for a long time (just as Firefox 47).