New here and looking for a password manager feature

Hi everyone

I just logged in the first time and I do not know my ways around here. On the one hand I would say that I have a feature request and while searching for it, I found that others asked for it, too. On the other hand, even as I am not an experienced coder, I would also try to implement it myself, if it was possible and someone could lend me a hand.

The real issue
I do not rely on any third party password managers and like the builtin manager of firefox very much. But sometimes I have multiple entries for one URL (e.g. different logins for a banking website and each of them has just a username made up of digits). Therefore it would be really great, if one could give titles to entries in the password manager or notes or custom fields. Or whatever you would like to call them.

As I have never coded anything for firefox yet, I guess that it is not so easy to do this with a security-sensitive feature like the password manager. But then again, I might be wrong. And I would very much hope that I could do something about it, as some of the requests that I saw are already several years old.

Would be great to find a solution. :slight_smile: