Firefox Password Manager Development

I’m not sure where to put this suggestion, this area seemed the most promising. If this post should be somewhere else instead, I would be grateful if someone would move it there for me (or tell me how to do it).

(1) At present, if you have to look for a specific login record in the Firefox Password Manager, it should not be necesssary to (a) go through 100 URLs trying to find something in the middle of a URL, guessing how it might be expressed, or (b) have to go to a search box and then enter something, again guessing what might be in the URL.

A much more elegant solution would be to allow the user to provide a name of their choosing for the login record. It would be easier to read, search for, find, etc. if this were the case. This would even allow the user to create groupings/categories by adding a prefix to their names, such as “eml-” (to gather all of their email signins into one group), or “shop-” or “fin-” (for financial institutions). Simple alphabetization of the Record Names would organize the list.

(2) Who knows what disaster may occur at any time with a computer? It would be very helpful to provide a function to print or display a COMPACT LIST of each login record with: a User-Defined Record Name, the URL, Userid, Password, & Email address used with that site, formatted in as few lines as possible and with the User-Defined Record Name bolded on the display of each record. It would be helpful to have the ability to do this built in to Firefox WITHOUT having to send/sync your password data anywhere else, which, speaking personally, I will not do.

(3) It would also be helpful to be able to edit any field within the login record, including the User-Given Record Name, Userid, Password, URL, and email address (which may, or may not, also be the Userid).

–Anne Fennell