New strategies for communities

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Hi there,

In the past we have tried to reach out to each community to establish clear ownership and migrate everyone from OVH to a new and more efficient infrastructure. Ultimately, we found this approach to be a huge undertaking and we have not achieved the expected progress or results.

In Austin we met with Arielle from the Community Support Software (CoSS) team who helped us take the lessons learned from our first approach and helped guide us to what we think is a much more workable solution, both for us and the communities we try to serve.

Working together with Open Innovation and CoSS, as well as interested community members, we will design new solutions to meet the community’s needs that are strategic, coherent and sustainable. Our initial solutions will center around WPEngine and GSuite.

We will maintain the existing infrastructure (OVH servers) until all processes are finalized, however we will not be accepting new requests for OVH hosting. We will continue to look for ways to improve the experience on OVH so long as we still host communities there.

We are going to share more updates and opportunities for input as we plan, including:

  • How we intend to handle resource ownership with request for feedback
  • Documentation on our current offerings
  • Team roster with guidelines on who to contact to help you out
  • Request for help planning the new solutions

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Cynthia Pereira
on behalf Mozilla Communities Web Services team