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are you serious?

Change: Attachments

There is an important change in the way (individual) attachments are specified in the Mail Merge Dialog:

In Thunderbird 78 / 91 it was necessary to specify the filepath and filename, e.g. “C:\Path\To\Files\MyFile.pdf”, in the field “Attachments” in the Mail Merge Dialog. See: Screenshot

In Thunderbird 102 it is necessary to specify the filename, e.g. “MyFile.pdf”, in the field “Attachments” in the Mail Merge Dialog. Additionally you must select the files to be attached via the button “Browse”. See: Screenshot

This change is caused by a limitation of the new MailExtension APIs.

Why? Now I cannot send my mail anymore with different attachments? Who is making a new software worse instead of better?

Do I not get anything important or is it really the case that I cannot attach different attachments to different emails?

What do you mean you cannot send your email with different attachments? Maybe the new way the have created the software is different but you can do so. I use cvs to send my multiple emails and what I did is to create {{Attachment}} and below it {{Attachment1}} you can send different files to multiple users, I don’t know if you need many to send but this is the way I do it

To answer Josedky’s question, I think the OP meant that before the ‘upgrade’ it was possible to create a few files and then send a lot of messages without any user interaction between creating the files and sending all the messages. Now it appears (at least to me and the OP) that for each message sent some operator interaction is required.

If this is not the case, please enlighten us.

If it is, I’m looking for a different mail client.

I’m with the previous poster. I just tried to do a mail merge where each attachment is individualized using the recipient’s last name in the file’s name. So I was expecting to point to each file with the variable {{LastName} to attach the correct file. So, now that no longer works? I’m using mail merge to same me time when sending out graded papers for my students.

But if this no longer works, I’ll have to start looking for another email client after using Thunderbird for well over 20 years. What a shame.

I think you are talking about the Add-on “Mail Merge”.

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