No sound in recordings while validating other recordings

I did some validation today for Nederlands (Dutch). Here where multiple recordings that where not having any sound. I reported them with “Geen geluid”.

I have this issue with every recording I try to validate, it seems like there’s a bug somewhere that’s preventing sound from playing for some users.

Here’s a link to a thread with a similar issue.

I have the feeling this is different. The audio files i play seem endless. I let them run for more then a minute. I think it’s more like corrupted files.

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Hi there, and thanks for reporting the clips.
Our engineers will take a look at them!

Justin, are you referring to Dutch as well? And is this still happening to all the recordings you are trying to validate? It would be helpful if you can flag them as well.

Thank you

No, my issue is in English, though I’ve never tried any other language. When I click Play, the waveform animation starts and the button turns to a Stop button, but even after sitting for a couple minutes, no audio plays.

I just made three reports with the caption “no audio,” if that helps any, but of the 20+ clips I’ve tried, I’ve never heard audio. So I don’t think the problem is on the level of the individual clip.

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I have problems identical to those of Justin. I’m listening in English. About half of all clips that I tried to validate today had no sound. I left them playing for a moment, but they never finished, which leads me to believe that the clips are corrupted in some way. The waveform animation appears while the clips are supposedly playing, but there is absolutely no sound.

It affected about half of the ~60 clips I listened to today, seemingly randomly. The others would play perfectly fine.

I reported the ones that were silent with the message “No audio.” but I have no idea if anyone actually reads those reports.

I seriously think that this is a problem on Mozilla’s end rather than on my device.

I filed a GitHub issue on this a few days ago.

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