Nominating Mozillian of the Month - Diky Arga

(Yofie Setiawan) #1

We (yes, this is a collective agreement between local Reps in Indonesia) would like to nominate Diky Arga as a Mozillian of the Month - March 2019.

Diky is a long time Mozilla contributor. Initially contributing as a Firefox Student ambassador, he took an active role mobilizing the local community in Jawa Tengah region, through campaign like FoxYeah, and general meetups. He has also contributed a lot during Webmaker app tour in Purwokerto, Salatiga, as well as the main event in Jakarta. His contribution has resulted in a strong community presence in Jawa Tengah at that time. Diky is part of the team that works on TealinuxOS, and he traveled to London to tell people about it at MozFest.

Right now, apart from being a Mozilla Tech Speaker, he’s mostly involved in stewarding the community space in Jakarta. But not only that, having a technical background and strong open source culture, he has also become a representative that bridge the local developer community to collaborate with the Mozilla Indonesia Community.

In terms of technical contribution, he also help the local community to develop an online presence system for the community space. In which in this weekend, we’re going to host a hackathon to introduce this project to the public and to also doing bug fixing together and make general improvement for the project.

Recently, he was also contributed on the Firefox Fights For You campaign, the Firefox 66 SUMO Sprint, and the Common Voice sprint.

How did we help him as a Rep

As a Mozilla Rep, we always motivate him (and everyone else in the community) to keep contributing to whatever topic or whatever way he like the most. We also encourage him to seek collaboration with the other open source/technical community out there to have a bigger impact.

Diky Arga - Mozillian of the Month (March 2019)
Voting for Mozillian of the Month, March (end 4/21 15:00 UTC)
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