Nominating Mozillian of the Month - Ett Chung

(Irvin Chen) #1

I would like to nominate Ett Chung for Mozillian of the Month - February 2019.

Ett is a long time Mozillian, contributing to Firefox by developing/reviewing add-ons since 2010, and help many people to learn to build add-ons in the last few years.

One of his Addon, BBSFox, is one of the most popular add-ons among Taiwan Firefox user, provide them the ability to connected to many BBS - one popular kind of internet forum which promote free speech, has great influence on local civil society.

Another Addon maintained by him, “New Tong Wen Tang”, currently has 17k users, can convert Simplified and Traditional Chinese website on the fly, help people from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and other different regions to communicate with each other, and learn from another place.

Not only developing stuff by himself, he also teach others to build add-ons. He had run more than 7 add-on workshops last year (and the latest one coming on March 3, maintaining a local Firefox dev Telegram channel with more than 100 developers. He often engaging with Firefox users frequently on the PTT forum browser board (biggest internet forum locally).

He also contributes to the Firefox Add-on ecosystem by participating Add-on reviewers and help recruit other local contributors to join. He reviews add-ons almost every weekend for the past few years.

Ett is also one of the keyholders of Mozilla Community Space Taipei, help many other open source communities and contributors by assisting them to use and run events in the community space.

How did I help him as a Rep

As a Mozilla Rep, I encourage and help him to engage and recruiting other people to develop Firefox add-on, by help hosting and promoting the workshop event and recruiting students. I do my best to support him onboarding more people into the add-on developing community.

Voting for Mozillian of the Month, February (Ended!)
(Irvin Chen) #2

Hi Mozillians, the voting of February Mozillian of Month has started. Welcome to vote for Ett at below post↓