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I could not see the nomination thread, so I am going to post here. I am also not a ReMo person (hope nobody minds).

I would like to nominate Syam

Syam is an extremely busy Mozillian and an example to many of what a Mozillian can be. Not only is he an active member of the Mozilla Kerala community and a Rep, he also helps support the awesome community website (which will hopefully be working again soon - it is really good!). Syam also helps users as part of the amazing and hard-working Social Support team in SUMO, answering questions and helping people make the best of Firefox and Mozilla software through Twitter.

I think this already makes Syam a hard-working contributor, but I think there is something else that people may not know that is very special and awesome. Last year, the Kerala region suffered terrible flooding. Syam worked to support the IT involved in the rescue effort. He realised that he had skills that he could use to help his family and friends and the local community at a time of great need. When big disasters happen, people tend to think that all the work is what you see on the television or hear about on the radio, and I do not dismiss those teams efforts, but for rescue workers to do their work, they need a good support team and good IT backup. For the Kerela flooding, Syam was part of that backup. Through his work, people were able to save lives and helped to start rebuild their communities.

As Mozillians, we learn so much and gain amazing abilities that many of us do not realise that we have. Syam knows so much and uses it regularly to help Mozilla, but he also saw how he could use those same skills to help people in great need.

For that reason, I would like to nominate Syam as the Mozillian of the Month for March 2019.

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Voting for Mozillian of the Month, March (end 4/21 15:00 UTC)
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Additionally, @syam is very active in the #mcws community. He is an all-round-Mozilla star!

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@Seburo it would be wonderful if you can add a photo of Syam!

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The voting of Mozillian of the Month (March) recognition starts now! Please head to the following thread and voting by Like there.


(There is a photo on Syam’s Mozillians profile.)