Notes from the MDN product advisory board meeting, January 11-12 2018

(Chris Mills) #1

Hi all,

The first MDN product advisory board face to face meeting happened on January 11-12 2018 at the main London Google offices. It was really productive and we had some great discussions. You can find the (very lengthy) meeting notes here:

Bear in mind that these are only discussions — none of this will become reality before it has first entered into the appropriate discussion and evaluation channels.

We are interested in your thoughts.

(Axel) #2

@atopal, I’d love to be looped in when you guys discuss localization, in particular when it comes to content on github.

(Andrzej Mazur) #3

API card game (include API flashcards/data) - kickstarter to fund. Cute characters for each API. AR stickers.

Would be awesome to be able to create an HTML5 game with those as part of the cross promotion too!

(Kadir Topal) #4

Thanks for calling that out, Axel. Will definitely involve the L10n team for this conversation.

(Eric Shepherd) #5

I’m pleased this meeting went so well. For me, it’s gratifying to see how well these groups with their own concepts and plans are able to come together and talk about building a common documentation suite. It’s been my dream for a decade or so, and seeing it starting to happen is really, truly awesome.

Right now, my biggest questions are:

  • Will the ideas eventually be turned into actionable plans?
  • What level of direct involvement with creating MDN content and Kuma project code will we wind up seeing from PAB members?
  • Will the people/organizations who offer to handle a given project actually do it?

Right now, I have high hopes. Enthusiasm is clearly high, and at least some of the ideas seem like they may have some degree of direct engagement involved.

Time will, as always, tell. But it looks good right now.

I’m genuinely giddily excited about this! :crazy_face:


(Chris Mills) #6

Here’s some quick answers:

  1. All the ideas brought up in the PAB will eventually be put into the MDN opportunity assessment, and assessed in the normal way. So yes, if they are deemed high priority enough.
  2. We already see some direct involvement in creating code from PAB members — especially around BCD and the like. I think this can only increase. In terms of Kuma features, I think the involvement will be less, but it is certainly possible.
  3. Well, I’d hope so :wink: