Open a exe file in PC from firefox bookmark

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I am very often using bookmarks in firefox

I want open a file/program, for example Microsoft outlook, from firefox bookmark
so if I click the bookmark, the file/program will opened in outside firefox, in my pc

please help i really need this, there should be someway to do that

Hmm, this isn’t right for this category but I’m not sure where to move it. I’ll think about that and leave it here for now.

I’m curious why you want to do it this way and not through the taskbar of your operating system? You should be able to bookmark file locations, and then your operating system will open right program to view that file. I don’t think anyone would agree that bookmarking an exe and opening it from the browser would be a good idea. In fact that’s probably a very good way to harm a user.

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Maybe SuMo?

This is possible via an addon.

Exe’s can be launched with nsIProcess. This has the side affect that Firefox semi-waits for response, and i fit doesnt, on osx and linux, their is pid pollution. Meaning the pid of Firefox you launched from, is now on all resources used by the launched exe etc. To avoid this, there is js-ctypes solutions of using ShellExecuteEx on Windows, popen open on OSX, and GIO.launchFileWithURI on GTK/linuxes.

Here’s some detail on stackoverflow:

There should be an addon out there that allows this, if not i have plans for an addon that includes such a feature but it’s a little more complex so can’t have it done right away. So if you want i can hook you up with a custom thing, preferably I’d like to show you how to make it.

Here’s an addon that gives you some common launchers: windows only i think:

Install this, then go to “customize easy access” then you can add your own launchers.

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@kensie because the most often part i used is firefox bookmark, there is yahoo mail, gmail, aol, then i want microsoft outlook shortcut below then, so the email compiled in 1 place

@noitidart thank you, not bad
but if it can put inside or near bookmark it will be better

We would have to make an addon to do that. I’m totally available and excited to show you how to do it. It’s not too complicated from my initial thoughts.

@noitidart awesome please make & release it if you can, i will surely install, review + give donate when its available

there should be some people need it too