Page icons showing text

FireFox v 92.0.1 on Windows 10 : There are some pages where the icons are not getting shown. Instead the icon names are being displayed.

Example :

It’s happening mainly on Google pages. Is this because materialize icons not loading ?

It’s not happening on Firefox Developer edition.

Yes, Material Icons. Could you take a look at:

I cross-checked with that link - all are okay - but the font still doesn’t render.

If you check the Web Console, are there any messages about the file being blocked by CSP or unable to be retrieved for any other reason?

Yes, multiple fonts requests throwing 503. But this not happening in a Private window.
So it’s probably a plugin ? I did disable ABP for this site.

That’s odd. Yes, an extension would be the usual suspect, but I don’t have a guess for you about which one it might be.