Panel transparency for web development!

Hello! I have a suggestion! Make the web development panel transparent when out of focus!

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Interesting idea. Could you describe the problem(s) that this is solving, apart from a better focused/blurred state?

How would this handle the cases where the page might be relevant to what is shown in devtools; but which then doesn’t have enough contrast to be readable.

I think that you know the notepad ++ editor, if you enable search in it, then in the search panel there is an opportunity to adjust transparency, it is very convenient!
You do not need to turn it on and off constantly and you can see the work area! If this is implemented in the FF, then this will be an incredible breakthrough!

Just need the ability to respond by focus or by clicking, so that you can choose how it is more convenient for yourself.

I often have multiple un-docked devtools open for tabs belonging to the same domain. It is hard for me to tell which devtools window belongs to which tab. It would be nice if the dev tools windows were blurred or partially transparent unless the tab it belongs to is the active tab in its window.

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I also think it might help in saving development time and make it easy to manage tools if transparency is added.
but I don’t know the feasibility and cons.