Panels missing


(Shane Goodman) #1

The List view visualization button is missing in Lightbeam 2.0.4. Also, the info panel is missing on the right. I’m not sure how to begin diagnosing this.

Everything was working fine in previous versions of Firefox. I’m now running Firefox 56.0.2 64-bit on Windows 10 Home.


(Patoesquivel) #4

I have the same problem. Someone who can help?


I have the same problem. I’m now running Firefox 59.0.2 on OSX. Is it possible to have some infos ?



Same issue here. Currently on FFQ 59.0.2 with LightBeam 2.1.0. Only one button under Visualization: “Graph”. No option for “List”. I also dont have the right side panel at all (map etc).

Come to think of it, I’ve NEVER had the List option or right side panel (going back several years and numerous PCs/Installs). Would really be interested in figuring this out as its a wonderful tool but the Graph mode has limited value (that of a shocking overview). The List view would make it so much more useful.

(Drbb01) #7

I understand that difficulties with Lightbeam have arisen beginning with FF 56. However, no indication of this has been added to its listing in Firefox Add-Ons, nor has anyone from Mozilla familiar with the Lightbeam commented on the fact that it hasn’t been working in awhile. Indeed, it is still available for installation with no mention that it currently is broken.

I suggest Mozilla take one of the following actions. Either remove Lightbeam from the list of available extensions until it is fixed, or add a notation at the beginning of the listing indicating that it does not currently work but that it is being repaired. If simple enough to do, you could also automatically disable it for users who have already installed it, with a notation that it would be enabled when repaired.

I can only imagine how complex constantly updating an improving Firefox must be. But PLEASE! Communicate with your users, especially those of us with less formal tech training. It can become quite frustrating as a user and supporter of FF to see reports of problems like those some of us are experiencing with Lightbeam that go back as far as five months, yet no with no authoritative response from Mozilla.

(Princiya Sequeira) #8

Hello everyone, thank you for reporting the issue. Here is a list of missing features in the latest Lightbeam release. Hope this helps.

You will see Lightbeam like the way it is in the below screenshot until the missing features have been developed.