Partnership with in collection/reviewing of voice data

I’m not sure where to write, so I’ll start here.

We at has to verify whether translators are native in the languages that they are declaring. It’s working almost like Common Voice: translator reads some text and community verifies whether it’s sounds like a native or not.

I was thinking that instead of reading and validating some random texts we could ask our users to read content form the Common Voice and submit recordings to the open data set. At the same time our community may benefit from getting their submissions get checked faster.

Whom should I talk to about an integration like this?

@aklepel and @lsaunders can provide more details here, thanks for reaching out!

Hello Sasha,

You have come to the right place! Right now we do not have an integration with Common Voice for others to use. That said it is something we are looking at in our roadmap. Can you ping with your email address and I’ll put you on a list to be emailed about an update on this topic when we have one? (We’ll also post on Discourse)

FYI - @mbranson

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