Piface digital 2 GPIO Hat for raspberry pi

(Frank G) #1

Hello. I have installed the Mozilla IoT Gateway on my raspberry Pi 3B+ and I am up and go with Z-Wave and Zigbee. This working just fine. Now I try to add on a new GPIO Hat on the Pi. This is the Element 14, Piface digital 2 with output reley / led , digital inputs/ output. Is there any Add on configuration working for this card ? I have added the GPIO Adapter, - but I understand that this dont work with my card? Anyone tryed this extension card on the Pi using Mozilla ?

(Dave Hylands) #2

I took a look at the PiFace 2, and it looks like it uses an I2C to GPIO expander chip. So the communications with the inputs/outputs on the board occur over I2C.

The GPIO adapter only works with direct GPIO.

We don’t currently have an adapter that works with that particular board (or any boards that use a I2C expander).

(Frank G) #3

Ok, I understand. That was pitty . I wanted to use this output / input GPIO card in a project in a cabin only operated from 12V solar panel together with Z-wave/Zigbee. I have to wait for the Next update then :grinning: And use a more ordinary pi GPIO solution so long. If anyone have a better idea let me know….:wink: I also see that Zigbee have a battery operated relay output / input card …