Plan to have a list of new activities (as OKR for 2021 Q4 )

Hi Reps,

One of the objectives of 2021 H2 OKRs of Rep program is,

Activate local communities to support the growth of Mozilla, both through activities and events, and “spreading the word” about Mozilla mission, activities, and products.

And we have one of the key results as,

At least 10 Reps tell us that they understand what to do as part of the Reps Program and how these activities contribute to the Mozilla Mission.

Which we would like to see more Reps come back from in-active status, joining campaigns, and helping other Mission-Driven-Mozillians contributing.

Here is my plan milestone to accomplish the KR:

  • Have a discussion to understand what are the future activities we are having in place with Francesca
  • Open Discourse Poll and ask Reps the kind of activities they want to carry out
  • Prioritize the activities based on popularity
  • Choose the 5 most popular and Mozilla needed campaigns
  • Post the future activities on Discourse

Please add your feedback, or reply here if you want to help. Thanks :))


Very nice strategy Lidya! Will follow this thread!


I agree, this looks like a great plan - I am keen to get involved as I have an idea that might help.

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What about organizing a Reps Meetup? Hopefully, in person. Events like these really moved local communities in the right direction in the past.



I don’t think that a poll on discourse is the best way.
I mean a lot off reps are not registered to discourse and also the one registered are not following the discourse category (it was part of a task years ago of the council). Also a lot of them are only following the mailing list as it is still mandatory and the migration is not yet done (again it was part of my tasks at the council years ago).

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Oh, yes that’s a good point!

What do you think of passing the Discourse poll link to the mailing list and/versus Matrix poll, or maybe you have any suggestions to more Reps to participate?

Mozilla always used Google Forms for those and worked, I mean then reps joined it.

But the engagement of Reps in reps stuff it was always an issue.

I agree that not all the reps are on discourse and that is something we need to improve. Don’t use the possibilities of discourse will not help with getting people using discourse. Years ago it was decided that discourse is our main communication channel so let’s use it. And use the other channels to point to this poll (and try to get more reps filling the poll because that is the real problem, not where the poll is. even on google there are not many responding in the last years)

just my 2 cents


[Updates] Some recap on our recent and ongoing activities:

  • [ever-green activities] Support Mozilla, Localization, Common Voice, Documentation (help articles)
  • [recent] Foxfooding - features testing of Mozilla product/project
  • [ongoing] Mozilla Rally [US only - data crowdsourcing projects]
  • [ongoing] Common Voice [social media campaign]

I’ve just posted a Poll about new topics for new activities, please add your comments there too and participate in the poll >> go to the new topic activities poll post :))