Reps OKRs Q4 2021

Hello amazing Reps,
with rather a long pause from OKRs due to team restructures, the council has restarted working under the OKRs model. Here are the objectives and key results for the rest of the year. Soon you will see documents and discussions requesting your feedback on the work there.

O1: Activate local communities to support the growth of Mozilla, both through activities and events, and “spreading the word” about Mozilla mission, activities, and products.

  • At least 10 Reps tell us that they understand what to do as part of the Reps Program and how these activities contribute to the Mozilla Mission
  • Activate (and re-activate) Local and functional communities to support the growth of Mozilla. At least 5 new communities started carrying out Mozilla events, and Mozilla events overall increased in the October/February period compared to the same period 2 years ago.
  • At least 30 Reps, and 100 members of the community are involved in actively spreading the work about Mozilla activities, products, and the Mozilla Mission

O2: Spread the word (internally and externally) about the Reps Program

  • By February we have at least 4 articles published on Reps activities