[Poll] [Discussion] New Ideas of Activity to carried out

Hello, amazing Reps! :wave:

As a follow-up to the previous post about creating a list of new activities, I have created this poll to know and have a better understanding of which ones are the most popular. We will prioritize those when creating new activities to be carried out by Reps in the following terms.

Please choose up to 3 topics of activity that you think will attract not only current contributors but also new ones.

add a reply on your general thought about the activity will be, any concerns, hard-to-get resources to do the activity or throw any topics that might popular and relevant with Mozilla mission in your local community.

If you have more ideas, please add them to the comment section and give ‘likes’ if you’re supporting others’ ideas below too!

[Poll] The lists of new topic activities:

[Choose max 3 topics | Open Poll: 19 Oct - 26 Oct 2021]

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Hi Lidya - I think this poll is great!

Before I vote, just so I understand the activity better, how do you see the Pocket Collection activity working?

Hi Seburo :slight_smile:

Some ideas around the Pocket collection topic are cross-sharing pocket collection among Reps & the community, and create a collection of policy and Mozilla-relevant news in different locales which people are passionate about that - then make a series of talks/discussion about issue of the ground - but still very open for suggestions and more~

Let me know what do you think :))

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Thank you - that really helped.

I like the idea of the add-ons activity as that involves Reps and their communities in writing code (either individually or in groups). For people less comfortable in going straight into an add-on, there is also the option to get involved in making some great themes.

The Pocket collection idea is really good and I like the idea of people that care about issues in a locale helping curate collections for that locale. Even just finding worthwhile content in a locale (especially one where Pocket may not be as fully supported right now) would add a lot of value.

The meme activity could be a good way for Reps to help see and report back the sentiment around the Firefox brand in their locale (and globally). There is some really good “fan art” that has been done as well and it would be good to capture that (really important to make sure that we ask permission and capture artists details).

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Oh, I love the creation of the themes on the add-ons idea!

I voted for Mozilla Hubs, I do enjoy the last 10-years anniversary activity on Hubs and I think there are a lot of fun stuffs to learn and explore from customizing the scene, playing around with the avatar, or even creating the object!

For meme activity, besides I just love that :grin:, I think it will be a great approach to engage the wider community on social media also agree with @seburo’s statement of “see and report back the sentiment around Firefox brand” - compliments and feedbacks always help us grow better~

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I totally support any new activity ideas using Mozilla Hubs, since my current Ph.D. research area is virtual reality. Can’t wait to support it!


Thank you to everyone that participated!

As we’ve got the top 3 popular topics, the Council will continue to have conversations with the related functional teams also with the community.

If you or you know someone that has been around or has a special interest in among these five topics (yes all 5 ^^ - we will also consider the ‘Pocket Collection’ & ‘Crowdsource Meme’), please inform your name & the chosen topic then I’ll add and loop you in the next discussion!

We’ll get back to you as soon as we know that an activity is being prepared :slight_smile: