Planning for Pride In London [2019]

Parade attendance has already closed for the July 7, 2018 event. Such a shame as I’d hoped to muster a small gathering to attend behind a banner. I’ll be volunteering some of my time again this year. I was a senior steward in 2017. Truly world-class event with ~ 1 million watching the parade.

So with 11 months before applications close next time, I’m putting the intention out there early to investigate official on-brand or community lead attendance. Discuss below or contact me via a DM.

If more events like these are of interest, be sure to regular check right here in Discourse. We hold a weekly UK Community call online, which you’re warmly invited to attend. There’s also a calendar for an overview of ALL our activities and aligned special events in ICAL and HTML. If you have any event ideas that could be added, please do get in touch.

All our gatherings uphold Mozilla’s Community Participation Guidelines. We all strive to empower each other.

I’ve initiated internal conversations re options of support for this initiative.

Mozilla UK’s Pride in London 2019 event page. Register your interest and show your support.

Mozillians attended many USA Pride marches this weekend:

Exemplified by San Francisco 's support and march banner. :heart_eyes:

Look out for #Pridezilla