Plans to add Greek language detection/dictionary?

Hi all, please bear with me since im completely new to this, doing baby steps to understand how this works.
So, an audio(wma,wav) to text application would REALLY help in my job and a friendly user from Reddit pointed me to this. He tested it and told me for English at least, the results were pretty awesome!
My problem? I need Greek audio and i guess a big(?) dictionary since its a medical job, no idea if medical terms are in regular dictionaries(no latin words, since most medical words have a Greek root).
Are there any plans to add Greek? Obviously im talking about the voice recognition and text and not the software itself.
Is the software compatible with external dictionaries? For example, another software that i was looking into(does the opposite, text to audio) had a 5.5gb Greek dictionary(its a .tgz file).
Please forgive me if i asked a stupid question, but ive been searching for an offline tool like this for ages. Since its a medical job, i cant do anything online for securities reasons.

Welcome, unfortunately there are currently no public Greek models.

Yes, you need both, annotated audio and textual data (language model).

AFAIK, not at the moment.

Build a language model from textual data.

Check the guidelines, they’ll guide you to docs and the playbook. And help you ask the right questions.

thanks for the reply! so if i understand this correctly, it seems i can build at least a compatible greek dictionary using the one i mentioned? so i would only be missing the audio recognition?

Start small, then build from there.

Search the forum as suggested, there were some people working on it. Connect :slight_smile: