Please allow "Double click on tab bar to open a new tab" "+" button sucks

(Mrgzjk) #1

Hi again

There was a simple feature before with FF where I could double click on an open area of the tab bar to open a new tab. Truthfully I hate having to click on the little “+” button.

Please add this feature to the new FF


(Stefano Cecere) #2

i loved that feature, too.
it would be nice at least to have some details from the UX team who i guess was asking for it to be removed in favor of just the + button!

(Niklas Gollenstede) #3

just the + button

and Ctrl+T and middle-click on the free area of the tabs tar …

(Stefano Cecere) #4

AHHH i didn’t know that! great! thank you