Suggestion: Browser close button

It would be nice if the “You are about co close tabs” dialogue also offered the option to close just the current tab. I think it would require less fiddly mouse control than the current method.

Hmm. Interesting idea. I’m not sure we’ll implement it in the current experiment, but would you mind suggesting it in this issue tracker so that someone might implement it later? Thanks!

I have 3 ideas for the close-button in the Tab Center bar:

  1. if the bar is too narror to display the close-button, this one will appear right of the tab-bar.
  2. in the same case only the tab unter the moisepointer will be widened to display all information.
  3. when the tab bar only display favicons or priview-pictures, the whole tab bar will be widened as long as the mouse-pointer ist om the bar.