[PLEASE READ] Community Experiments

(Michał Dziewoński) #1

Hello everyone,

As the admin team, we are dedicating considerable time and effort this calendar year to improving our community support programs and platform. This is in response to feedback from you, the additional activity on our sites and in other channels (e.g. social, app stores, Reddit, etc) of our user, and our anticipation of many new Mozilla products in the years ahead. This means conducting research, experimenting, asking difficult questions, and refreshing our thinking - and more!

We will be collaborating closely with Mozilla’s Open Innovation team on this initiative.

Of course, for this to be a success we need the perspective and wisdom of the support community. You can expect us to reach out with updates and specific asks in the coming few months, and please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

We have a specific ask of help today: We want to understand how groups similar to ours (but outside of Mozilla) are supporting users around the world.

For this part, we hope to hear from you about examples of non-Mozilla support communities that can serve as lessons or sources of inspiration. Please post any examples you would like to share with us in this thread.

We will be sharing more updates with you in the coming days as our we progress with our preparation and initial steps – our next update will share the questions we’re asking in the research phase. Expect more ways to get involved and participate!

On behalf of the SUMO team