Mozilla Support Discord

(Mkll) #1

I have created an alternative to IRC which everyone here can join should they want to help users get the support they need! Please note we are following the Mozilla Community Participation Guidelines, which you will have to accept before participating! Oh, and some Mozilla staff have joined too!

Click here to join:

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(Rubén Martín) #2


Can you elaborate a bit more about this project or provide a link to read more?

What are the goals? Which problems are we trying to solve here? Who is running it?

Sorry, I just want to understand the full context :slight_smile:


(Mkll) #3

Hi, this is ran by me and some other members of the community, some Mozilla staff have already joined like Rachel McGuigan (guigs), and Asa Doltzer.

It’s mainly a place for Firefox users to get another channel of support if they don’t feel comfy with IRC.

(Rubén Martín) #4

Is this part of a campaign over SUMO? I’m interested in reading more about goals and plans for it, we have many projects going on right now to support community structures and I want to make sure we are aligned.


(Mkll) #5

No, this is not a SUMO campaign – just something that is for users who want support and don’t like IRC.

Or another place for some Mozillians to collaborate if they don’t have Slack Access.

(Lucyeoh) #6


It sounds like you’re setting this up as SuMo Tool as an alternative to IRC - with the goal of directing users here if they want to have synchronous communication with SuMo volunteers.

Is that accurate?

If yes - I’d maybe rename it a bit to be clear this is a support forum extension like calling it “Firefox Support Discord”.

If not - and the goal is to just to provide another community channel for people to chat I’d want to discuss a bit further, just because we already have SO many community chat tools and it’s already super difficult for new community members etc…


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(Mkll) #7

Yes Lucy, that is a correct summary.

(Lucyeoh) #8

Got it. That makes sense to me. Thoughts about re-naming to clarify that this is a place for users to drop in for support?

My flags with naming it “Mozilla Community Discord” is that:

  1. I think it sounds like it’s for Mozilla Community, not Users, which I’d probably feel a bit weird joining if I was just a User with a question.
  2. It sounds like it’s just a hangout and chat channel for community, which puts it in tension with all the IRC, Telegram groups people are already using. And lends to the already ample confusion about where to talk to people :slight_smile:
(Mkll) #9

Sure I’ll rename it Mozilla (or FIrefox) Support Discord!

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(Mkll) #10

Alright, I have done so accordingly.

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(Lama12345) #11

@Mkll Please update the Discord link, it’s expired

(Konstantina Papadea) #12

The Discord instance mentioned in this thread is no longer active. Therefore, I am closing this topic to avoid further confusion.

(Konstantina Papadea) closed #13