Please remake ...Double/Triple Click to close tab & auto show/hide sidebar....someone PLEASE

(Mrgzjk) #1


New here…

I have to say I HATE FF 57, all the great addons dont work anymore! So sad.

There was two great addons…First was called “Double click closes tab” It gave the ability to Double or triple click anywhere in an open tab to close it (Made browsing much faster)

The second one was called “Sidebar auto Show/Hide” It allowed me to keep the sidebar open but hide it when I wanted.

Sadly these two great addons were forgotten and unusable after FF 56.

PLEASE…Someone/anyone who can please re-make one or both of these two amazing addons compatible with FF 57…asap PLEASE!

Thank you in advance

(Caitlin Neiman) #2

Hi @mrgzjk, depending on what you had on your sidebar there might be a way to automatically show/hide it without an extension. See this article:

As a replacement for Double Click Closes Tab, you might want to try Middle Click on Tab Closes Page.

(Mrgzjk) #3

Ive already tried that extension…it did not work, ppl hate it. I need these addons remade please. I will check the article.

(Mrgzjk) #4

Looked at the article…Thanks but I already know about all that. What I need is mouse over ability (ie move mouse cursor to the far left to make sidebar appear, then automatically disappears after I move the mouse off the open side bar (I use it for bookmarks/saved links)

Thats what auto show/hide sidebar was.

I liked it so much because it was faster, i didnt have to move way over and click a button to open it (then re-click it to close the sbar), moving the mouse over to the far left just did all that for me.

And I REALLY need “Double/Triple click to close tab” back BAD lol