Printing crashes Thunderbird every time

Installed Beta on Friday 9/18 and turned the computer off for the weekend. For two days now (Mon & Tues), I cannot print as it crashes the program. It shows a dialog box with something about printing the button “Cancel” but does not bring up the normal print dialog. The other box displays for about a second and then the program crashes. Any help would be appreciated. It is very important that I print some of my emails for reference!!! I have tried to find print options in tools and options but nothing is available.

That’s bug 1662090 and should be fixed in 82.0b1 when it is available.

82.0b1(on Win10Pro64Bit-2004): Printing Dialog works,
BUT if I go über die Druckvorschau the PrintPage is empty, nothing to print,
it just works directly, without Druckvorschau.

Unfortunately, still not completely fixed in 82.0b1.

I can go to Print Preview, take a clip of the page, and print that, which is really a pain in multi-page emails. But, at least I can print something.