Beta 75.0 cannot print

Beta 75.0 can no longer print; some draft msgs freeze and require close and reopen.

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Totally agree. Can’t print. Can’t export contacts either. Throws an error message. Reverted to previous beta.

now if I could figure out how to revert I would… tks


I frequently save my contact list by exporting it to an LDIF and a CSV file. I uninstalled TB and re-installed the latest 74b version and imported an LDIF file and was back in business. I had to change a few settings to make things work for me but relatively minor. I will wait before I install another 75b version until all the issues are resolved.

not having much luck w contact list apparently a .mab

at this point i’d be happy to export it – if I knew how – to csv and
export to emclient which imported local folders but not address book.
emclient looks pretty good to me. am frustrated here. do appreciate your

Go to Tools / Address Book / Tools and you’ll see an Export command. I could not get it to work with 75b1 - you may be more fortunate. Like I said - i always have backed up Contacts so it was easy to move to a different version and import the files. Needless to say if you install an earlier version of TB you get a Profile error and can’t install. I tried messing with the mab files and got no where. Your best bet may be to just wait until this problem is fixed. Then export your files religiously in case something happens in a future release. Or just switch to a new email client. It’s a real mess and I don’t understand why someone isn’t fixing it or stopping people from downloading 75b1 until it is fixed.

that gets “method not implemented”

Im ready to gi ve u; on tbird but…can’t export addresses.

I’m really sorry. I understand your frustration. Been there. That’s why I export contacts generally before I upgrade.

Tibitts mentioned a site early in the post. I went there and at least noted I couldn’t export contacts. Apparently folks are aware of it but I don’t know if anyone is actively working on the issue. COVID19 might be delaying a fix. I have to assume there will be a fix because without the ability to print email (either to a printer or a PDF file) or export contacts TB is pretty worthless. At least you can read and send emails.

I did a restore to before the 75 was received, am in 74 and can print
just fine. now to figure out how to stop the automatic beta updates…

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Go to Tools then Options then General.
Scroll down until you see a section marked “Updates”.
Pick the middle option - “Check for updates, but let me choose whether to install them”.
You’ll be asked if you want to install when an update is available. Just decline it until you’re ready.

Don’t forget to export contacts!

Things can and will break in beta, so I suggest you both clearly need a platform more stable than beta. Download and install the regular release, then after starting, restart using your existing Thunderbird profile by going to Help > Troubleshooting > about:profiles and pick the “default” profile.

OK. But when they are testing 76a1 and the production release is 68 it feels like a heck of a gap in either functionality and / or security related issues. It feels like support for production has just stopped. Just a point of view.

First of all, there isn’t a fix available yet. Second, fixes go through testing on nightly, then beta, then regular release - that process protects users, which is to say there isn’t a quick on/off switch to get a patch into release in just a few days.

You get to choose your poison - stability version (ESR/regular release) or cutting edge version (beta) - you can’t have both, and please don’t blame others for the choice you make.

Uhhh - not blaming anybody. Don’t know where that came from. Not complaining either. Just trying to get a handle on a problem and the solution. For the record, I’ve been supporting Firefox and TB since the beginning - and with cash donations too. I elected to install beta. All my choices. Understood the implications.

Like the same thing in Apple, since updatind to BigSur, i saw many people can’t print directly with their Printer. Unlike Airprint who workq with all printer, the wifi connection could’nt have put beacause of this update.