Priority #4 - Onboarding [2018]

Start of an open discussion about the onboarding process for UK people to contribute to the Mozilla project.

Add your input below, or fork the repo, add your pull request for content contribution, or create an issue to otherwise request additions or edits.

This was a highly discussed topic on the call 22nd February, so I’ve immediately added it to our 3 in progress. This priority replaces the now completed When are we doing things.

I’ve blocked out some dates in the shared calendar to help plan for an Onboarding Hackathon. Reserved dates are currently 21-29 April.

This could take any form: purely online and a whole week (possibly open call every day), a online weekend, an event in person (MozCoffee).

The intention would be to begin something along the line of: structuring documentation, content, resources, processes, accountability and responsibilities etc.

Furthing reading resource via today’s D&I open call. What makes a good community:

  • basic human decency (expressed in CoC but be sure exemplify this)
  • onboarding
  • meaningful contributions
  • succession planning
  • empathy and awareness
  • diversity

Considering a small gathering as a MozCoffee event, with the intention of working through our process requirements of onboarding new Mozillians: what date works for you?

  • Saturday 21st April, 2018
  • Saturday 28th April, 2018
  • a later date in May, 2018

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Newbies, current and lapsed Mozillians are all welcome! Conversations with all of these will help us tremendously. YES, you will be able to join us online if you can’t make it in person.

Currently preparing event page.