"Probable Spammer" response comment in theme review

I’m quite new to creating theme on AMO. To be specific, i have created nearly 10 themes over the last 2 months. Some firsts theme did not pass review because i was new and lack of experiences.
But It has came to this point that I was desperate to find out what go wrong with my themes.
Really want to create and contribute tho. Is there any new policy for new theme developer that I don’t know? I tried to reach out to firefox a couple of times but there was no responses.
Really need help! Here is the folder of my themes, https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1o5X8jF5kbbh8HOeWvOKpuDY2ieqQ-Ngs?usp=share_link
I’ll be in grace if someone can have a look into this and help me solve this issue.
Thank you