tabs.onUpdated never returns changeInfo.url

I have followed this example:

function handleUpdated(tabId, changeInfo, tabInfo) {
  if (changeInfo.url) {
    console.log("Tab: " + tabId +
                " URL changed to " + changeInfo.url);


But when I navigate to a new url in a tab, the changeInfo object never gives me changeInfo.url. It’s always undefined. This exact same code works just fine on Chrome.

My system is:
Firefox 78.0.2(64-bits), macOS Catalina 10.15.5

Anyone has the same issue? It’s a real bug or it’s just me.
Thank you in advance.

Do you have “tabs” permission listed in the manifest? Without that things like URL and favicon are not available.


Super thanks @juraj.masiar. You are absolutely correct. I didn’t have “tabs” permission. Once I added the “tabs” permission. All work fine. Thank you.
Note: “tabs” permission is not needed in Chrome for changeInfo.url to work. That’s why I was confused in the first place.