Process of becoming featured

I wonder, does the process of suggesting add-ons for being featured properly work? The blog suggests sending an email to amo-featured [at] mozilla [dot] org, but when I did that (> 1 month ago), I only got back this: “Your message has been rejected, probably because you are not subscribed to the mailing list and the list’s policy is to prohibit non-members from posting to it.”

So has my add-on (LanguageTool) not been chosen, or has it not even been considered due to this issue?

Hi, Daniel. Sorry to hear about the email snafu. Incoming emails are monitored. I’m not sure how yours may have slipped by, but regardless, I can put LanguageTool into the queue. Thank you for reaching out!

@sdevaney Could you also check if our addon is in the queue? I have the same situation as Naber. I wrote 3 weeks ago but I am unsure what happened to my request.

Thanks a lot for your help!