Can Anyone Bring Back the 'Mozilla Archive Format'?

Hi, I am new to the community and have just updated to the new Quantum release. I noticed that my favorite extension, the “Mozilla Archive Format” has been discontinued. Is there any way in this world that someone could update it for use with the new Quantum release?

Over 5 years ago, I switched from Internet Explorer to Mozilla FireFox solely because of the way in which FireFox saved pages without having the current page freeze until download completion. Then I discovered the MAFF extension and I loved it from the first time I used it. It saves web pages even way better than IE’s MHT format.

I tried to use the “UnMHT” extension but found it confusing and totally disappointing as the pages which I saved with it were inferior to those saved with the “MAFF” extension. Can anyone bring MAFF back?

I have poured through page after page of add-ons to no avail, and MAFF is one extension that I would gladly pay money to have worked properly in the current and new FF releases. Thank you!

I’m lookin for the same and in the meantime I can mostly open the .maff extension with Winrar

Try Web ScrapBook, it doesn’t have all the functionality of MAF but it’s the extension I know of that comes closest so far. By default it creates .htz files but you can set a preference for .maff.

I have exactly the same situation. I have plenty of web pages in my own knowledge base, I don’t even imagine to convert them into hundreds thousands of separate files. This is why Quantum release is complete disaster for me. MAFF format was one of the biggests reasons I use Firefox at all.
I will use Firefox 56 as long as it will be possible hoping that MAFF will be somehow brought back.