Question about scorer

I have a question about deepspeech STT training. I use this final command to start training process:

python3 /home/files/DeepSpeech/ --alphabet_config_path /home/files/DeepSpeech/data/alphabet.txt --train_files /home/files/audiosamples/clips/train.csv --dev_files /home/files/audiosamples/clips/dev.csv --test_files /home/files/audiosamples/clips/test.csv --train_cudnn true --checkpoint_dir /home/files/checkpoints/ --export_dir /home/files/exported_model/

I didn’t use the scorer_path flag in this command, does deepspeech use any scorer by default or any internal scorer???

Scorer is used for testing only, not for training. Please search before you post, this came up many times in the last months:

I’m searching for about two months, but I didn’t see any special comment on “Scorer is used for testing only, not for training”, neither in the document no in other questions. So what does ‘scorer/scorer_path’ do in training command???
Thanks in advanced

Nothing. It’s only used for inference.

Reading this forum will give you a lot knowledge about the process as you’ll probably want to build a custom scorer next …

Just for reference, not to sound like a clever one, the thread I meant, please read threads, you’ll learn a lot:

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