Question with respect to an add on / error meaasge related to GMail

Perhaps you can help me out: I have been using Seamonkey for some
years now. Since last year I get on a too regular basis a warning
that an identification cannot be confirmed. Please find attached to
pop up (unfortunately in Dutch). It states in short that the website
tries to identify itself with invalid information. As you can see
this relates to incoming on port 995.
I added a second error message, which you get when you choose to
download the certificate. Then the message is shown that no
information is available.

I thought I found a solution with the "remember mismatched domains"

add-on bit that add on is not compatible with my Seamonkey 2.49.1.

Hope anyone has found a solution or work around, because this

messages slowly drive me crazy…

Look forward for any help!

Wim van Helden


Looks like no one has surfaced with an answer here yet. I recommend checking out a couple of places to see if you can find an answer there:

The Thunderbird support site ^

You can ask your question via this page:

Beyond that, you can ask in #thunderbird on Moznet (IRC), but only if you agree to be patient :slight_smile: - the channel moves slow.

Sorry I don’t have more to offer, I’ve not experienced the issue you are having.


I am not sure but my girlfriend’s thunderbird also has problems with google config which does not work all the time. I kind of had the impression that it is a problem with the firewall. Maybe this helps.

Kind regards,