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First, our focus as Mozilla in terms of teaching (to non-Mozillian audiences) has really been on Web Literacy, which most certainly has computational thinking elements applied to both technical and non-technical subjects.

A couple of threads here that could be interesting:

  1. @emma_irwin is doing work on shaping an educational community in Mozilla. I think one area that hasn’t really been explored is how to help Mozillians ramp up their understanding of leading edge tech like AI.

  2. I think our new Community Experimentation Launchpad for Connected Devices will certainly encourage experiments with AI, bots, and the like.


Putting to one side the Take Back The Web campaign (which is obviously an important focus), which are the teams (MDN, SUMO, ReMo etc) that are a focus for increasing participation in the next 12 months?

The reason I ask is that if someone asks me “how can I contribute, I have “xyz” skills”, it would be handy to know in which direction they would be of most use.

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Can anyone help with my question?

I think this will provide you some useful information

Hi @nukeador

Thank you for your answer. I did see that the other day and found it to be a very useful read.

As someone that uses Fennec Nightly and Fx Dev Edition, I strongly support Mozillians using pre-Release versions of Fx. Not only does it give controlled and informative error and unresolved issue reporting, but also gets Mozillians “hands-on” with new features.

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it.

I don’t understand this. Can you elaborate?

Hi @chrisglasier

This sounds increasingly less like a Participation project and more like something that you may wish to speak to the JavaScript teams in Mozilla about.

Have you have the opportunity to talk to them about this?

Actually, this sounds like an entirely new project. I still don’t understand it, but definitely a new project. For this kind of things, the best way forward is most likely to get started building it, and then once there is something to show, come back to these forums to find help, probably in Mozillians or perhaps in Connected Devices.